Plumy Matratze

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Plumy mattress protects the body with its natural structure against temperature changes, it consists of rich layers such as latex, double layer spring bow, coconut fiber felt supporting the goose down layer which provides the ideal atmosphere for sleep. It relaxes your muscles. It provides air conditioning effect due to the air permeability of all materials in its recipe.It manages heat and moisture naturally.

While it is obtained from the milk of the rubber tree, it is a plant extract secreted by many plants in the forest and solidifies when it contacts the air. It is elastic and shock absorber. It has a relaxing effect on the muscle structure. It absorbs sweat, it doesn’t stink. The air channels in its structure act as a natural air conditioner and enables the body stay dry, air it. It does not allow formation of the fungus, mite and bacteria.

Hand Made
The cells forming the quarantine are formed by sieving one by one in a technical form, such that the structure itself provides air resuscitation. Each cell contains an equal amount of goose down.

Downproof Fabric
It is 100% cotton fabric in which a special finish is applied to prevent goose down.

Goose feather
Its natural structure protects the body against temperature changes, balances moisture and creates a suitable atmosphere for sleep. It absorbs the sweat of the body during the night and repels this moisture into the air during the day. Thus, it does not contain bacteria, does not smell. Provides very good thermal insulation. It is comfortable for years: it keeps warm when it keeps cold, keeps it cool when it's hot. Feather structure is quite bulky, shows high return against deformation. Can be used for long years with proper care.

Felt with Coconut Fiber
Coconut fiber that is a natural hypoallergenic material is high strength, hard and rather elastic.It doesn’t harm human or the environment. It provides an ideal air circulation thanks to its fibers.It creates a natural and orthopedic sleeping environment by balancing body temperature all the time. It is suitable for both hot and cold heavy climate conditions, it doesn’t let formation of bacteria, mold and fungi.

2 Floor Spring System
High-low and 8-cm package springs, which are used as two separate layers of different heights, prevent the spouses from being affected by each other’s rotational movements by means of independent operation. Provides elastic support to body structure, eliminates pressure. Natural sleep movements with the comfort it provides, provides relaxation of the muscles. Air permeability is high and durable.

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